What is the best vpn for Mac?

What Are The Benefits Of Vpn?

Browsing the internet can be quite risky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Personal-data traffickingis unfortunately very common nowadays. Most people don’t even realise that their data is being captured and sold to companies that benefit highly from doing so.

While some people only use the internet for common use, I believe they still wouldn’t regret getting a vpn. Imagine browsing on the internet and suddenly you stumble upon a website that you don’t trust. Well with the vpn active you actually don’t have to worry at all. The vpn automatically removes any annoying pop up ads, blocks malware and completely masks your IP from eventual hackers.

Now we can all agree that a vpn actually doesn’t sound too bad, but what benefits do we actually get? After a lot of research we’ve come up with the product that we believe is the most beneficial, and here is why! 

Why is Nord vpn best for you?

We all know Nord vpn, we hear about it on podcasts, from youtubers, from friends, and on blogs like this one. Nord VPN is probably the most “hip” internet privacy out there at the moment, but what is all the hype really about?

After some testing we noticed some cool features like the kill-switch, which cuts your internet connection automatically if your connection to one of their servers drops for whatever reason. 

The vpns have extensive features to enhance the protection of your device, but this comes at the cost of the internet speed. This does however depend on what VPN service you choose. We didn’t really notice any difference in the internet speed and this shows that Nord vpn is the real deal.


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