What is Onion over vpn?

What is Onion over vpn?

Onion over vpn is a special feature by Nord vpn that reroutes your traffic through multiple encrypted servers around the world. Browsing with Onion online makes it a lot harder for people to track your traffic, and thus makes you a lot less vulnerable online.

The word Onion comes from the vegetable, and is used to simulate the layers of protection it presents for your device or network. The Onion feature is the strongest feature that a vpn can offer you when it comes to security measures.


3 reasons you need Onion over Nord vpn


Accessibility and simplicity

You don’t have to download any browser, just connect to the vpn and you’re set.


Privacy from the authorities

The authorities can see that you’re using Onion, but not what you’re using it for.



Nord vpn sends your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which makes your browsing safer.

Although Onion works great to hide your traffic, it also has some downsides. Let’s just say that if you’re just casually browsing the web, you don’t really need onion at all. It decreases the normal internet speed and we all know how frustrating that can be sometimes. 

This is where the double vpn shines. The double vpn offers roughly the normal internet speed, with two layers of protection, perfect for the everyday browser.

Usually, you can only access the Onion feature through the The Onion Router (Tor) browser. Well this was until the vpn companies started branching out into the Onion world.

With Nord vpn you get security, speed and protection. 

Protect your network from perpetrators today!

Read this before buying the new iPhone!

Is Buying a New iPhone Actually Worth It?

Christmas is in the horizon, and people are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on the brand new iPhone 12, but is it really worth it? People nowadays tend to skyrocket their budget just because they want their hands on a brand new iPhone 12, that is more or less exactly like the predecessor. 

For this very reason, this past week I’ve been comparing the two and come to a conclusion that they are quite similar, although the upgrades for the iPhone 12, could make up for it, it all depends on what you’re after.

If you’re stuck on the mindset that the iPhone is the superior brand, I would recommend the iPhone 11. For being an iPhone it’s actually quite reasonable value for the money, and with it’s 64 GB of storage I would recommend this before any new iPhones with steep pricing.


Top 5 Reasons To Buy The New iPhone 12!

The new iPhone 12 is finally out for the apple lovers out there, and people are not hesitating with getting their hands on one. I’ll assume since you clicked this article, you’re probably not the biggest apple fan of apple out there, or at least not dedicating your life to their products. Well if that is the case, I’m going to navigate your mind more towards a more neutral mindset, with the brand new iPhone 12, and my top 5 pros for this product. 

  • More rectangular overall shape which makes for a grippier feel.
  • Super retina XDR-screen which has a resolution of 2532 x 1170.
  • The revolutionary next generation A14 chip, which has a much faster processor than it’s predecessor.
  • The new ceramic shield, clearly the most durable glass on any smartphone.
  • 5G on the new iPhone is superfast, and the quality is immaculate.

What is the best vpn for Mac?

What Are The Benefits Of Vpn?

Browsing the internet can be quite risky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Personal-data traffickingis unfortunately very common nowadays. Most people don’t even realise that their data is being captured and sold to companies that benefit highly from doing so.

While some people only use the internet for common use, I believe they still wouldn’t regret getting a vpn. Imagine browsing on the internet and suddenly you stumble upon a website that you don’t trust. Well with the vpn active you actually don’t have to worry at all. The vpn automatically removes any annoying pop up ads, blocks malware and completely masks your IP from eventual hackers.

Now we can all agree that a vpn actually doesn’t sound too bad, but what benefits do we actually get? After a lot of research we’ve come up with the product that we believe is the most beneficial, and here is why! 

Why is Nord vpn best for you?

We all know Nord vpn, we hear about it on podcasts, from youtubers, from friends, and on blogs like this one. Nord VPN is probably the most “hip” internet privacy out there at the moment, but what is all the hype really about?

After some testing we noticed some cool features like the kill-switch, which cuts your internet connection automatically if your connection to one of their servers drops for whatever reason. 

The vpns have extensive features to enhance the protection of your device, but this comes at the cost of the internet speed. This does however depend on what VPN service you choose. We didn’t really notice any difference in the internet speed and this shows that Nord vpn is the real deal.